Artist Bio and CV



Elizabeth Lasley is a nationally exhibiting artist and a graduate of the Carolina Fine Art League, Asheville, NC.

Lasley exhibits nationally and has won several awards for her art.


Her work has been shown at the following -

~ The North Carolina Museum of Art Raleigh- NC, 

~ National Art Club- Gramercy Park- New York City, NY

~ Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery- New York City, NY

~ Armory Art Center- West Palm Beach, FL

~ Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery- Atlanta, GA.  


~ Traveling Exhibition, Williams Tower, Houston TX. Awarded First Place in exhibition.

~ Lasley was chosen by an international exhibition, to have her artwork projected onto the side of the Linc Skyscraper in New York City. 

~ Most recently, her paintings were displayed digitally at both the 2013 and 2014 Art Basil Miami.

~Commissioned painting by WNC Magazine to illustrate article in first edition.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement:

My artwork comes from my visual memory and love of land, horizon and sky. I build each piece structurally from color, shape and line. By integrating these in a play of form, I hope to bring a sensitivity that will emerge from my work.